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Palletizing Bundles

December, 1994: ORACLE Data Base definitions completed for transfering the IDAB Newspaper Distribution Software to the Digital Equipment Corporation MicroVAX 3100 computers installed at Cherry Hill, NJ. Oracle Skills VMS Skills Networking Skills 


October - November, 1994: System Integration efforts at The Richmond Times Dispatch between the Digital Equipment Corporation MicroVAX 3100 computers, Sheridan Inserting machines, Ferag grippers, IDAB stackers allowed inserted product to be created according to a truck loading manifest. The papers was then tracked from the inserter to the stacker, where the proper sized bundles were built and conveyed into the tray system for delivery to the trucks. Networking Skills Leadership Skills VMS Skills C programming Skills 

Richmond Times Dispatch
The Washington Post

April - September, 1994: Palletizer Interface efforts at The Washington Post allow IDAB to complete its obligation to one of the nations largest newspapers. Using Allen-Bradley Programmable Language Controllers (PLCs), the Digital Equipment Corporation MicroVAX 3100 computers communicate to IDAB designed machines used to collect bundles onto pallets according to a truck loading manifest.   Leadership Skills Networking Skills VMS Skills C programming Skills 


April 1, 1994: Warren Systems, Inc. becomes a separate company from IDAB allowing greater freedom in servicing the hardware and software needs of newspapers in North America! Leadership Skills 


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