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December 26, 1996: Bug Tracker client/server program now allows MacroTel, Inc. to track all outstanding hardware/software issues at the company. Supervisor defined projects, categories, and priority levels are assigned to personnel via automatic e-mail notification. Full text base searching, sorting on any of the data fields, pre-built, and customizable query files can be saved on the client disk. Most recently used features, reporting in both grid and single page format. Restrictions allow different views of data based on level of the client work-station. Delphi front end using Paradox database. Delphi Skills Networking Skills 

Bug Tracker
MacroMail Demo

October 31, 1996: Computer Based Training efforts at MacroTel, Inc. have resulted in the second tutorial product: the MTD-3000i PC programming guide. Based on installation guides and screen snapshots, complete setup instructions are presented to allow dealers and distributors to quickly setup this highly integrated telephone system. 


September 24 , 1996: Computer Based Training efforts at MacroTel, Inc. have resulted in the production of a demonstration package for their MacroMail telephone system. We have taken their manuals and equipment images, and integrated this information into a highly interactive training guide for their dealers and distributors. By creating a self-extracting ZIP file, each tutorial is contained on a single floppy, or can be downloaded from their web site. Stick the floppy in a drive, execute one command, and the tutorial is loaded and ready to run! The savings to their Technical and Customer Support staff will shortly offset the cost of putting these packages together! 

MacroMail Demo

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