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November 25, 1997: Add-Ons to The Washington Post Springfield Expansion project will provide traffic control for their two tray loops. Bundles will no longer fall off the conveyor belts as a result of haphazard discharge assignments. Filtered monitor displays will put the proper information where the floor operators need it. Additional operator terminals are being installed. Truck drivers must now annunciate themselves to the system before arriving at a dock for product delivery. Leadership Skills Networking Skills Oracle Skills VMS Skills C programming Skills 

Traffic Control at The Washington Post -
Now, full utilization of both the tray loops
is acheived without collisions. Precise timing
has been employed to allow the proper
separation according to union rules.
Internet Site Design

July 14, 1997: Web Site Design for a legal firm specializing in computer law, patents, and trade secrets. Look for it at http://www.rckain.com. Web Skills 


May 19, 1997: The Washington Post Springfield Expansion project is underway by Warren Systems, Inc. Enhancements to the newspaper distribution system, and extentions to the functionality associated with the additions of new equipment will be undertaken in this eighteen month project. Subcontractors include an Electrical Contracting firm and PLC programming efforts. Details. And how are we doing? Check our progress. Leadership Skills 

Networking Newspapers
MVX Warranty Program

March 7, 1997: Conversion between Delphi versions 1 and 2 to a client/server database system allows update of custom warranty certificates using Paradox database located on corporate server, along with separate GoldMine database for dealer information. Delphi Skills Networking Skills 


March 19, 1997: GoldMine contact management database modified to retain additional information collected from potential customers visiting the corporate web site. Leadership Skills 

Voice Mail Board Manager

March 7, 1997: Voice Mail Board Manager installation assistance program allows the Windows 95 Add New Hardware and Device Manager applets to be bypassed. Registry entries are automatically made when these Dialogic telephony boards are added, removed, and/or modified. Greatly eases end-user installation of new hardware and software provided by MacroVoice Corporation, regardless of actual hardware manufacturer. Leadership Skills Delphi Skills Networking Skills 


February 13, 1997: Backup Scheduler allows for automated LAN based backup of mission critical information for the newly released MVX2000Lx Voice Mail processing system. Overcoming the limitations of the Windows 95 tape/floppy backup, this system allows an operator to select the location for these backups. The scheduler provides complete flexibility to control how backups are performed. Recovery can even be performed after a reinstallation of the application software! Networking Skills Delphi Skills 

Backup Scheduler
Networking Newspapers

February 3, 1997: MVS/VM to VAX/VMS interface modified to allow removal of old DOS based manifest transmission program over 2780 emulation protocol. Transparent to the end-user, a push-based, versus a pull oriented approach, allows for timely updates to the newspaper production requirements at Newsday in Long Island, NY. Networking Skills VMS Skills Leadership Skills 


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