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Freeware for All

December 25, 1998: A Christmas present from Warren Systems, Inc. Freeware utility programs are available for Personal Stock Monitor, VMS File Transfer support, and Windows Audio CD initialization files. Click here! Delphi Skills C programming Skills VMS Skills Networking Skills 


December 1, 1998: House call at The Columbus Dispatch fixed many problems related to the Tray Loop chain replacement. In addition, deficiencies in the IDAB FORTRAN MicroVAX Product Balance Display and Device adjustment software were identified. VMS Skills Fortran Skills 

The Columbus Dispatch
Palletizing Newspaper Bundles

September 12, 1998: Increased throughput for the palletizing operations at The Washington Post involved modifications to the Allen-Bradley 540/E PLCs in both the IDAB and Alvey palletizing machines, as well as the MicroVAX 3100/80 control system. PLC modifications be performed by Tradewind Controls under the direction of Warren Systems, Inc. Leadership Skills VMS Skills Networking Skills C programming Skills 


September 1, 1998: Year 2000 modifications to be deployed on the Newspaper Distribution System at The Star-Tribune of Minneapolis. Y2K Conversion Skills C programming Skills Fortran Skills VMS Skills Leadership Skills 

Year 2000 Mods
Year 2000 Mods

July 14, 1998: Year 2000 modifications to be deployed on the Newspaper Distribution System at The Washington Post. Y2K Conversion Skills VMS Skills C programming Skills Leadership Skills 


June 11, 1998: Yet Another Add-On to The Washington Post Springfield Expansion project will print product definition labels on the bundles as they are passed through the bottom wrap machines. This will aid in identification if bundles fall out of the tray, or are lost in transit. Nineteen ink jet devices will be integrated into the DEC MicroVAX 3100 system via the Emulex terminal servers. Networking Skills VMS Skills C programming Skills 

Labeling Newspaper Bundles
Discussion Group.

June 9, 1998: Discussion Group added primarily to allow users of Newspaper Distribution Systems to post questions and share common interests. Join us! Web Skills 


April 19, 1998: Another MVS/VM to VAX/VMS interface modified to allow replacement of an IBM S/34 computer system with an IBM S/390 based manifest transmission program over 2780 emulation protocol. Warren Systems, Inc. remains committed to keeping the distribution system up-to-date at The Star-Tribune, the newspaper of the Twin Cities. VMS Skills Networking Skills Leadership Skills 

Networking Newspapers
Talking VAX at The Washington Post -
Now, when it is time for a truck
to be staged for check in at a dock,
the control system will broadcast
over an AM Radio System.

April 8, 1998: More Add-Ons to The Washington Post Springfield Expansion project will allow the waiting trucks to be called over an AM radio system integrated with the control system computers. Using an Accu-Talk® text-to-speech device developed by TechEn, Incorporated, the VAX computer system will direct the truck driver to a waiting dock. For more information, click here. VMS Skills Networking Skills C programming Skills Leadership Skills 


March 25, 1998: Medcomp Medical Office Management system installed in office of Dr. Julian J. Ferayorni, MD, a Ft. Lauderdale Ophthalmologist. Utilizing two Dell 233 MHz Pentium MMX computer systems, this client/server system will enable this office to maintain active connections to insurance companies for filing Medicare claims, while also providing the functions of a typical small business. 

Cross-section of the eye
Graphic Ad preparation

January 7, 1998: Computer Training for a local camera shop owner. Ad preparation for Shutterbug magazine advertisement for their shop with training to allow in-house maintenance for future revisions. Corel WordPerfect 7/8 and Windows 95 training, along with Sidekick95 and QuickView Plus. 


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