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Talking VAX at The Washington Post -
Now, when it is time for a truck
to be staged for check in at a dock,
the control system will broadcast
over an AM Radio System.

Accu-Talk - a Vocal Interface

Imagine having your drivers appear at the dock when the product is ready to be picked up. No more trucks taking up valuable dock space before the product is ready for delivery. No more empty dock when the product is ready.

Your distribtion system is modified to match up the truck manifest with the active production. Shortly before it is necessary for the truck to pick up its product, an announcement is made over your existing PA system. If the truck delays in arriving at the dock, repeated messages, in a different, and sterner tone are made. In this fashion, the trucks are at the dock when you need them! If you do not have a PA system to integrate with the Accu-Talk device, we can incorporate it into a local AM system as well. Other options are available to satisfy your needs.

We can make your system talk!

Calling truck number 1486 to the staging area.

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May 1, 2001
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