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Visitors to this Web site who use older browsers   —   below Netscape 4.5 and Internet Explorer 3.0   —   will be unable to see the pages as they were designed. The older browsers cannot detect cascading style sheets (CSS) and the JavaScript features on which this site design is based. These visitors, however, will still be able to navigate this Web site. They will see only black text on a plain white background.


This site uses the color blue for links embedded in the text of these pages. (Visited links appear in brick red.) When your cursor hovers over a link, it will change to red. Note to Netscape Navigator users: in versions prior to 6.0, the hover attribute does not work. Therefore, the links will not change color when the mouse hovers on the link. The pointer should indicate you are over a link.

For links appearing in the menus at the left of some pages, and the navigation bar near the top of most pages, the white text will turn yellow as it "jumps out" to indicate a link.

Secure Links

For more information on TLS, Click here.

The BCR Style Manual

The Style manual used as a guideline in the development for this site is available here.

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June 1, 2001
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