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The Big One!

The Big One! was the expansion of the Springfield, VA production facility of The Washington Post.

We had been involved in the modification of their Tray Distribution and Palletizing systems, and were a natural selection to provide additional features, and larger capacities.

But, this was going to turn into a much bigger project than that. The Washington Post wanted a firm to come in and provide the hardware as well as make software modifications. Hooking up with a local Electrical Engineering firm, and a Programmable Language Controller (PLC) engineer, Warren Systems put together a bid, that including hardware, was well into seven digits!

After a few months of hammering out contract details, the contract was formally signed in May of 1997, and work was soon underway. Various additions were made over the course or this project; these even included adding voice capabilities to their system.

Two and one-half years after contract award, the last milestone of the project: making the Ink Jet printers provide the product code and source information, was completed. A two-year warranty has proven a testament to the quality of the project completed by Warren Systems, Inc.

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May 1, 2001
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