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Computer Based Training & Presentations

Tired of spending all your time training customers? Is your Technical Support staff worked to the bone on simple problems?

Let Warren Systems, Inc. help you! We can provide fully interative Computer Based Training (CBT) for your hardware and/or software installation, and for the day-to-day operational issues that arise.

Using a state-of-the-art demonstration package, we can capture your documentation, figures, and actual screens. It matters not whether it is a DOS, Windows, UNIX or Mac based platform!

Step-by-step sequencing through all of your system screens lets your users see exactly what happens in a controlled environment. Time-based or event driven simulation of your package is presented to your customer, exactly as it appears on screen!

Incorporate this training as part of your system installation, and let the people in tech support go home to their families once in a while!

Downloadable Demonstrations

In order to let you sample some of the CBT packages we have put together, you may now download abbreviated versions of the following: (Don't forget to download the demo player also! See the Instructions below.)

  • TWP Springfield Expansion Project This package was instrumental in awarding Warren Systems, Inc. the The Washington Post Springfield expansion project. View the presentation in its entirety! (file size is 726KB)

  • MacroMail Easy 1-2-3 Setup This package uses an image of a telephone, and instructs the user on setting up voice mail, extension mapping, and call forwarding. The 660kb self-extracting zip file also contains a sound file (file type .wav) that plays a tone when the operator delays in making a selection!

  • PC-News Operator Interface This newspaper bundle distribution operator interface is designed to allow drag-n-drop operation. This non-interactive 94kb abbreviated package may be downloaded, and viewed.


In order to play these demonstration packages, you must:

  1. create a folder/directory for the required downloaded files
  2. Windows 95 users should create this folder on the Desktop
  3. download one of the above self-extracting Demonstration files to the created folder
  4. download the self-extracting demo player file (100kb) to the created folder
  5. open the folder, and double-click on each file to extract their contents to the current folder
  6. open the .dmr file using playdemo.exe (drag the .dmr file onto the playdemo.exe file)
  7. the demonstration file will automatically run
  8. press the Escape Key at any time to exit the demonstration

If you have any questions, please contact us at techsupport@WarrenSystems.com Contact Us

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May 1, 2001
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