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TWP Expansion Additions (Known as the "C-Dots")

Over the course of the contract, numerous additions were requested by The Washington Post

  1. require all truck drivers to pre-Check-in
  2. The system will require all drivers to pre-check in before being allowed to check in at the docks. This may be overridden by the Tray Control Operator, or may be disabled on a system-wide basis.

  3. Show Trays With Errors Display
  4. Develop a new User Interface display that will only show the trays that are currently in an error condition.

  5. Show Checked In Warehouse Trucks
  6. Develop a new User Interface display that will only show the warehouse trucks that are checked in.

  7. Synchronize Dual-loop Tray Tripping
  8. In spite of the fact that the two tray loops can feed to common docks, there is no collision avoidance in the timing of the trips. This causes bundles to fall off the conveyor belts, leading to shortages. The software will be modified to minimize collisions, while still maintaining proper delivery rates.

  9. Install Wyse 370 operator terminal near lower mailroom conveyor lines
  10. The foreman will have access to the User Interface via an additional Wyse 370 operator terminal to be installed along one of the lower mailroom conveyor lines.

  11. Relocate Annex overhead monitor displays
  12. The initial specification for the monitors are too far to be easily viewed. The two monitors will be relocated to a point near the beginning of the conveyors in the Annex.

  13. Ink Jet Labeling
  14. The VAX will be made to command the product code, bundle size, and line name into each of the 19 Ink Jet printers; 12 tyelines, 1 keyline, and 6 downstairs conveyors.

  15. Call Truck Drivers via AccuTalk device
  16. A command will be available to allow the operator to Call a truck. This will cause a text-to-speech device to broadcast information to the truck drivers via a closed loop radio system.

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May 1, 2001
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