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Musicbox.ini to Media Player format

I typed all my CD titles and tracks into the software that came with my MediaVision JAZZ sound card, and I was not too happy to see that Windows 95 Media Player uses a different format. I wrote this short C++ program to perform the necessary conversion. The new format has a separate entry for author and title, whereas MusicBox has this as a single entry. I take your old data and put it into both of the slots. I preserve all the tracks, your preferred listening order, and the keys used to look up your selection. Download this small (110K) executable to the directory that your musicbox.ini file is in (typically c:\windows), and convert your file today!

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Personal Stock Monitor Utility

I had a problem with version 2.x of Personal Stock Monitor in that the End of Day files were getting all the Intraday results written to them, and never were being pruned. I wrote this program to go into the Registry, and see where the Endofday and Intraday folders were kept. Then, I would read each file in the EndofDay folder, and removed any records except the last for that day. I display the number of records that exist before the pruning, and how many will remain after the folder is pruned. I have found that the Endofday graphs work much quicker now. I also added an option to delete all files in the Intraday folder when finished. I maintain your selections in the Registry, so the next time the program is used, it will initialize with your customizations. Help for this program will be developed as necessary. It is best to run this in the morning, before you open PSM for the first time, if you are going to delete the Intraday files. that keeps track of prices with each update kept getting bigger and bigger, tremendously slowing down my graphics. Download this small (204K) executable to the directory that your PSM.exe file is in (typically c:\Program Files\PSM), and create a shortcut, and run when necessary!

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Strip Version Info - Translate VMS files to PC format

This Windows 95/98 program will take a directory of uploaded VMS files and translate them to Windows file names. The version information that sometimes accompanies file transfer programs is removed, while preserving multiple version of the same file. Download and Unzip StripVer.zip this small (890K) file, and run the SETUP.EXE file. If you have Winzip, run the Install option! Or, download the self-extracting Zip file (919K) instead.

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This software is provided as is, with no warranty, neither expressed nor implied. While the author has made every attempt to provide error free code, back up your system first, and check on non-critical areas before use. Thank you.

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May 22, 2001
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