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Warren Systems and the Web

As charter members of , the Internet Developers Association, we can help you in all aspects of the Internet, including:

  • Internet content Development: designing web pages for your company
  • setting up Internet accounts for your business
  • transfering files to the Internet Service Provider(ISP)
  • converting your files to Internet format (HTML)
  • searching for that right address to use
  • setting up email accounts
  • submitting your site to the search engines (Yahoo, Infoseek, etc.)
  • maintaining your site!
  • Get one now!

Web Site Services

Prices are subject to change
InterNIC 2-year DNS registration - DNS registration allows your company to have a unique address (URL) such as www.yourcompany.com. We will suggest various URLs based on your company, and its function. Then, we will see what URLs are available for use. Finally, we will complete the forms required by InterNIC. InterNIC is currently the government licensed company that allocates web site names. $100.00
3 month web site hosting fee - An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is required as the "host" for your site. We find that Hiway Technologies is a reliable hosting service, offering many customizable features such as shopping carts, electronic transaction processing, customizable site search engines, etc. Located in Boca Raton, FL, they are a host to tens of thousands of sites worldwide! A three month minimum contract is required. Quarterly billing directly to your company will be established after the initial site setup is finished. Their basic plan is $24.95 per month, which is more than adequate for most sites. Larger sites, and/or sites with on-line commerce, and those with extremely high volume of traffic may need to consider other plans offered by Hiway Technologies. $74.85
ISP Setup Fee - Hiway Technologies charges this fee to open your account. We simply perform the collection of this fee, and pass it directly to them. Please note that Hiway Technologies does not provide Internet access. You must have access through a third party vendor (MSN, ATT, America Online, etc.) in order to access the Internet, and to retrieve your e-mail. $50.00
Warren Systems Site Initialization Fee - yes, this is what we charge to set up your site. A single page (1) with two images, including your company logo and an e-mail link will be generated for you. We take care of transferring your site information to the host, and submission to many popular World Wide Web search engines. Visit our search page, and see some of the search engines we use. $500.00
Total Startup costs - all four of the above are required to establish your site. $724.85
Warren Systems Maintenance Fee - we offer our services to design the "meat" of your site at these nominal rates. $90.00/hour

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July 19, 2002
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