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Symbols used:  OLE Automation and DCOM Skills  C programming Skills  Delphi Skills  Fortran Skills  Leadership Skills  Networking Skills  Oracle Skills  VMS Skills  Web Skills  Y2K Skills

 Leadership Skills OLE Automation and DCOM Skills: embedding spreadsheet calls, serial I/O and terminal emulation interfaces into Delphi applications.

 C Skills C Skills - primarily the maintenance and enhancements of a large process control/distribution system, written almost entirely in C.

 Delphi Skills Delphi Skills - since Delphi 2 was released, many custom applications and components have been written.

 Fortran Skills Fortran Skills - writing and/or modifying systems whose primary base was Fortran, often interfacing with C and/or assembly level routines.

 Leadership Skills Leadership Skills: small groups of programmers working together to design, develop and install application software.

 Networking Skills Networking Skills: These jobs included writing and/or modifying system components to share information. VMS terminal servers, IBM/VAX data transfers, VAX/PLC data acquisition, Serial I/O communication for Data Acquisition, displays for user entry, text-to-speech machines, ink jet printing, etc.

 Oracle Skills Oracle Skills - system initialization and reporting scripts, as well as realtime Fortran/C routines to get/fetch information.

 VMS Skills VMS Skills - Digital Equipment Corporation computers have always been my forté.

 Web Skills Web Skills - these pages, as well as complete sites have been developed for customers.

 Y2K Skills Year 2000 conversion Skills - the newspaper distribution systems utilized two digit years. Comparison logic failures were avoided by careful analysis and modification of the installed base of Fortran/C VMS/Oracle scripts.