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Here are some links for the Delphi programmer:

Delphi on the Web, revisited (Delphi Informant August 2001)"

Delphi Favorites (04May01)

Delphi from Tec5 (04May01)

Web Resources for Delphi Developers

This list comes from the April 1999 issue of Delphi Informant. Compiled by Alan C. Moore, Ph.D.

  • Learning about file formats. Occasionally, I see questions posted to newsgroups or list servers about file formats. I recently learned about two sites that provide a wealth of information on this topic. The first, Wotsit's Format is a massive and well-organized site containing information about hundreds of file types. Its categories include graphics, movies and animation, spreadsheets, databases, fonts, games, word processing, and others. The site also includes additional programming information, such as algorithms and source code. It includes an excellent search engine, allowing you to easily find the information you need. It even includes an online chat forum where you can discuss programming issues.
  • Achim's File-Format Library is another site dedicated to this topic. Rather than including information on the site itself, it provides a wealth of links to other sites; there are over 900 links providing information on more than 600 file formats. Its main categories are 2D and 3D graphics, animation, sound, text, archives, database, programming, and miscellaneous. The miscellaneous category includes everything from game file formats to flowchargint application formats. As you cah guess, there are many links to the Wotsit site, but there are links to many others as well.
  • Need to search for particular Pascal code. Check out Pascal Central. In addition to technical information about Pascal and source code, this site includes a number of links to other Pascal sites and FTP sites from which you can download source code. I was particularly impressewith the page on Pascal Forums & Links.
  • One of the oldest Pascal sites I'm aware of is the SWAG Web site. This international site includes a large collection of source code and program examples, organized into 57 categories, covering the full range of programming topics. Included in these categories are data encryption, communications, and math routines. While many of these categories are specific to DOS programming with Pascal, there is one category devoted to Delphi.
  • Finally, the Coder's Knowledge Base is similar to the previous site, featuring solutions to various programming problems. However, rather than being devoted strictly to Pascal, it includes language independent algorithms. The emphasis is on Pascal code (Windows and general purpose) and it includes some Delphi code. The examples are code snippets rather than units or complete programs. The search facility makes it easy for you to find code examples in a variety of areas.

Delphi on the Web: Off the Beaten Path

This list comes from the May 1999 issue of Delphi Informant. Compiled by Alan C. Moore, Ph.D. - Last month we examined some general sites of interest to Delphi developers. This month, we'll examine some Delphi sites you may not know about: sites devoted to components, tools, techniques, and/or code; news sites; and special interest sites.

  • Developer's Corner Journal is similar to some of the Pascal sites we examined last month. However, this site focuses on two Inprise tools; Delphi and C++ Builder. Particularly rich in content, DCJ includes sections on beginners' issues, the Windows GUI, Internet programming, experts, database development, and much more.
  • Brad Stower's Delphi Free Stuff is just that. It includes over a dozen of Brad's components, as well as those of other developers. It also includes links, experts, tips, and examples demonstrating advanced techniques, including working with the Windows API. There's an open invitation and willingness to provide a home for other "freeware components that need a distribution point."
  • Conrad Herrmann's DAX FAQs is devoted to Delphi's ActiveX capabilities. It includes information and code examples related to Delphi's ActiveX Class Framework, covering Delphi 3 and 4. It covers bugs in IE4.01 and Delphi 3.02, as well as work-arounds.
  • The Delphi Pages is an attractive site with a wealth of tools. The Delphi News portion, central to the site, is excellent. It includes pages devoted to applications, tips, components, chat, a Delphi forum, links, and more.
  • Delphi user groups can be an effective means of sharing information and programming techniques. But what about those who don't live close enough to such a group to participate? Enter the Virtual Delphi User Group. VDUG provides a number of useful services. In addition to its monthly newsletters, it provides information on Delphi components and Internet sites.
  • The Search Site for Software Developers is indispensable for Delphi developers. It provides a powerful means to search many Usenet and vendor newsgroups. You can find information on obscure topics, assessments of programming tools, and answers to tough questions. It also provides access to files on the Delphi Super Page and links to other top sites.
  • Richey's Delphi-Box contains a wealth of information and links. In addition to the expected links to Web sites, FTP sites, and Inprise sites, there are sections devoted to less-usual topics: Delphi user groups and Delphi job offers.
  • Would you like to be an advocate for Delphi? Check out The Delphi Advocacy Group. They define themselves as Delphi users and professionals who promote the most advanced Windows development tool.
  • You may recall my partner in the TAPI articles, Major Ken Kyler (see the July, August, and September 1998 issues of Delphi Informant). Ken is sponsoring new lists: a Delphi moderated list, a moderated Delphi Database list, Delphi Talk, and more. Find out how to subscribe. His page includes information on Web page authoring, technical writing, and other topics.
  • The Tomes of Delphi Support Site is a lot more than its title suggests. It does, of course, provide a good deal of updates and information related to the important series of books of which John Ayers (the owner of the site) is the principle author. But the most impressive aspect is an exhaustive page of links to third-party tools.
  • Advanced Delphi Programming is also worth visiting. It has information on several 32-bit Delphi programming topics, such as working with shell extensions in Delphi; displaying the Properties page for a file, folder, or drive; and using SHFileOperation to copy files in Delphi.
  • Last year, I discussed Project Jedi, a project to delvelop and make available conversions of Windows APIs otherwise unavailable to Delphi developers. Of course, the Project Jedi site has information on this important endeavor. But the site also includes a good deal of additional information and links. There is an excellent tutorial written by Andreas Prucha on converting C headers; it provides a wealth of information on this difficult topic. This site also includes links to use groups and an interview with John Ayers.

I hope to revisit this important topic. In the meantime, I continue to invite your helpful input. Alan C. Moore, Ph.D.

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July 25, 2001
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