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Paul W. Schluter

Paul W. Schluter is an experienced computer professional. His software has helped the Japanese launch communication and weather satellites, aided Sikorsky in helicopter data analysis, and engineered a diskless version of the operating system for Gould to sell. He has steered antennas for the Air Force, modified Space Shuttle software, acquired nuclear power plant data for Baltimore Gas and Electric, and automated the grading of tests for the Brevard County school system. Roller coasters with ejector seats are currently delivering bundles of newspapers across the world, twenty-four hours a day.

As president of Warren Systems, he primarily consults to the newspaper industry, installing enhancements of existing pre- and post-press control systems. The Chutes -n- Loaders ™ Newspaper Plant Monitoring and Control system has been developed. Web Site design and maintenance are often necessary, as are database conversions in Oracle. Creating object-oriented custom Freeware components in Delphi and Javascript is a way to give something back.

Paul had the advantage in education that growing up a few minutes from Cape Canaveral provided, excelling at mathematics and the sciences. Computer programming was a logical career choice, and has led to many exciting challenges, some of which are mentioned above.

Even while attending Brevard Community College, he worked for the Harris Corporation's Electronic Systems Division, in Palm Bay, FL. There, he was a programing assistant in the Antenna Design Group involved in structural analysis, and helped the engineers with thermal flow problems associated with equipment design.

Paul graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems at Florida Atlantic University, in Boca Raton, FL. where he concentrated in mathematics and electrical engineering courses, along with learning a wide variety of programing languages and machines.

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May 25, 2001
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