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The Columbus Dispatch

July 10, 2002: Telephone support for the Columbus Dispatch, was made to assist in diagnosing an encoder problem prior to the production run. Leadership Skills VMS Skills 


May 28, 2002: Consulting assignment to Nation Safe Drivers to modify in-house and on-line reports that their insurance agents and management staff require. Working with Visual Basic, Access and Front Page. Leadership Skills Web Skills 

Nation Safe Drivers
The Columbus Dispatch

April 14, 2002: House call at the Columbus Dispatch, was made to assist in a tray removal for their IDAB Distribution System. Leadership Skills VMS Skills 

November 13, 2001: House call at the Detroit Free Press, the Riverfront Plant of The Detroit Newspaper Agency was made to assist in a tray removal for their IDAB Distribution System. Leadership Skills VMS Skills 

The Detroit Free Press
The Columbus Dispatch

July 18, 2001: Fixed a decade old bug that caused the data base to lock up due to improper input validation. Click here to see if it affects your system. Click for Skills LegendVMS Skills Click for Skills LegendOracle Skills Click for Skills Legend


May 6, 2001: Web site redesign completed. Following a consistent design approach, our site is now easier to navigate.Click for Skills LegendVMS Skills

HTML and Web site development

January 20, 2001: CD MegaChanger application released. This web-based application allows maintenance of a large capacity CD/DVD changer. Artist, User, Category tables assist in organizing play lists. Installed on your Intranet server, any browser on the LAN, should be able to view and/or make modifications to the database maintained on the application server.Click for Skills LegendWeb SkillsClick for Skills LegendDelphi Skills


April 12, 2001: Minneapolis Star-Tribune had a Crisis situation when the Tray Control and Automated Guided Vehicle systems would not communicate with the operators, nor the hardware. With a phone call to Warren Systems, we were able to isolate the network cabling problem, switch them over to a backup cable, and resume plant operations!Click for Skills LegendVMS SkillsClick for Skills LegendNetworking Skills

Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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July 19, 2002
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